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The importance of authenticity in Social Media & a note on ChatGPT

"No legacy is so rich as honesty” - William Shakespeare

If you're going to use a motivational quote for writing, Shakespeare has to be a good bet!

A line spoken in Act 3 Scene 5 from 'All’s Well that Ends Well' and whilst there may be a direct play on the words ‘honesty’ and ‘legacy’ in terms of the character’s purity and financial worth, the essence of the phrase today has a wider used connotation.

Known as The Bard due to his stature as a superior poet, most of us will have studied Shakespeare at some point. As a writer, Shakespeare's legacy is arguably the greatest.

So, how do we align this sentiment with the modern world?

Recently, I've noticed a significant increase in posts that highlight authenticity. Whilst phrases like "be your authentic self" are potentially becoming a little over-used, the ethos is important and to be incorporated in good social media

As a global population, the shift towards our need to believe what we read and buy into the truth behind, is on the increase. This is true within written post content but possibly even more important in engagement; networking digitally when you do not have that face to face conversation and natural human interaction requires a use of words that carries meaning and honesty. I want to touch on AI and it’s use within social media and copywriting. There has been a lot of talk around ChatGPT and similar language AI chatbot. With concerns around how this will affect an expert's role and professional standing, it is important that we can define a useful place for simulated tech within modern media. AI is not going to go away and the signs are that better and more sophisticated models are in the pipeline.

I do believe there is a place for AI in copywriting and social media if used well - especially as a starting ideation point and in a research capacity, but you do have to check the information that is generated.. it is not all correct!

Reading a recent thread which was very much "traditional writer" based, the feeling towards AI was pretty negative and somewhat defensive.

I get it. I've been writing for years - never used a program to generate my own thoughts and pen what I am looking to convey, BUT I have used the internet for copious amounts of research. So.. is this not similar?

If utilised in the right way, it can be a helpful tool but it is imperative to own your tone, your beliefs and values, otherwise authenticity just won't be present

Write with your heart and write your truth because our legacy will remain in this digital world for a long time!

PS. ChatGPT was NOT used in this post!

I tend to use Instagram for more visual posts and LinkedIn for written/thought pieces. If you'd like to be notified when my upcoming posts go live on LinkedIn, you can select the 🔔 on my profile >> Laura Marks

NB. I'm always happy to be challenged but I will not tolerate unpleasantness. If you are leaving a comment be kind, be honest and be respectful. Just saying ;)

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16 mai 2023

Have just started using ChatGPT. It blows my mind!! 😍

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