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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Social Media Manager

If you are considering business support, a social media manager or consultant is someone that can help to navigate this vast and positive area that can be optimised to help business growth. It doesn’t have to be costly and any good social media support should add value to your business. Social media people are online day in, day out (gotta love it!), saturated by the digital space keeping up with trends, new ideas, seeing what competitors are doing and the top performing brands.

And social media moves quickly! By trusting your social media endeavours to a skilled professional, you can focus on other core aspects of your business while ensuring a strong and impactful online presence.

Still wondering if bringing social media support onboard is the way forward?

Here’s some reasons to help you decide:

Strategic Planning

I speak with so many great brands and businesses that do not have a social media strategy in place. This really is key to ensuring that you max out your social media activity. If you don’t have one in place, you are missing an opportunity to save time, whilst supporting your growth and business activity. Social media strategy = efficiency and optimisation of objectives. A social media expert can either craft or help you develop a well-defined strategy that will align with your business goals and objectives. As well as identifying the ideal platforms to focus on, reach your target audience, create a content calendar, define engagement and establish a few basic ways to track progress (we don’t do vanity metrics, let’s keep it real!). As well as suggestions for collaborations, campaigns, community activity and more!

A strategy is a unique marketing tool for YOUR brand, which can be aligned with your topline marketing plan to ensure your business messages are functioning supremely on all channels! As usual, there are many elements to a savvy strategy and you can read some more about social media strategy here


We are a creative bunch and social media experts understand the importance of consistent branding across all platforms. Developing a recognisable and cohesive brand visual, voice and messaging that aligns with your overall brand identity, ensuring a strong, attractive and identifiable presence online. Your social media branding should work with your overall branding. Whilst including main colours and logo, this does not need to be the final look on your

social media platforms which offer an additional avenue to take colour and visual identity a step further. Maybe something a little unique for a social launch or product and templates in place that can be easily used to showcase your posts. If you would like to consider social media branding, have a look at some examples here

Content Creation and Ideation

In the realm of digital creativity, where the luminous threads of imagination intertwine with the infinite expanse of the virtual canvas, social media content creation and ideation emerges as a veritable tapestry of ingenuity.

And back to the real world!.. Content and ideas should be aligned for each individual brand. Social media experts can brainstorm creative ideas that resonate with your target audience and develop high-quality content in various formats, including text, images, videos, and infographics. Engaging, shareable content is crucial for social media success. Find the narrative for your brand.

Content Planning and Scheduling

With the help of a social media expert, offload your planning and get your content scheduled in advance. And breathe! Be proactive rather than reactive whilst leaving some flexibility and scope.

You can have a fantastic social media plan crafted for you, so you know what

is going out and when, be on top of your social media activity so you are ready to share with your audience and networks. A social media manager will use tools to ensure consistent posting, even during peak engagement times and maintain a consistent presence without constant manual effort.

Community Management & Engagement

Building and nurturing a community is vital for social media success. Social media experts can monitor comments, messages, keep an eye on tagging opportunities, responding promptly and engaging with your audience.

They can also identify collaborations and foster meaningful interactions with influencers and brand advocates. Social media engagement is not just about connecting with your audience, it's also about expressing your brand’s persona. By actively engaging with your audience, gain valuable insights into what resonates with them and what they find valuable. This is something that a skilled social media expert will be able to monitor and interact with on behalf of your brand. It’s a daily activity! And here’s some reasons why engagement on social media is SO important!

The above illustrates only a few reasons why it is beneficial to bring in a social media expert. There are many many more! Social media managers offer a wide variety to their skillset. So whether your brand is product or service based, B2C, B2B a coach, consultant or freelancer consider how a social media expert can add value to your business by offering a level of expertise that is gained from their ongoing deep dive in the industry.

Managing social media effectively is most certainly time-consuming and resource-intensive. By hiring a social media agency or individual, you can free up your time and focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that your social media presence is in capable hands. We bring expertise and efficiency to the table, maximising the impact of your brand’s social media.

I offer a free initial chat so if you would like to connect, just drop me an email


May 29, 2023

It it really difficult coming up with good content all the time ;)


May 25, 2023

We bought in a freelance social media manager several months ago. It was a good decision! Still going well and has made a big difference to our social media presence


May 24, 2023

Yes some convincing points. I find social media does take up a lot of time that I would prefer to be putting into other areas of my business. Sally.

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