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10 Tips to improve your engagement on Social Media

Engagement over Content

Sounds like an equation, but it isn't!

It's actually my top social media tip for 2023.

I'm not saying to dumb down your content.. consistent good media going out over your social channels is of course one of the cornerstones of a good social media strategy, however it's becoming more and more important to be more SOCIAL and, simply, interact.

Not just with your followers and audience but with others too.

With AI software beginning to take greater scope in producing written content and some visuals (I love Canva, but don't use the AI image generator just yet!), let's keep the authenticity of our interactions to ourselves.

Here are 10 tips to help you maximise your engagement on social media platforms:

  1. Take a bit more time each day to comment

  2. Send a DM to say hi, we have this in common, be good to connect,

  3. Join a couple of new groups

  4. Say thanks for the info. post, it was really helpful (if it was!)

  5. Send your connection requests with a personal note

  6. Be proactive in expanding your network

  7. Emojis are ok, but we love to read other's thoughts

  8. Read and reply to other's comments - start a conversation

  9. Be true to your opinion but maintain kindness, respect, be supportive

  10. Read a few posts a day that show up on your feed because one of your contacts interacted - you never know what you may find of interest!

I'm going to stamp my colours to the mast and say..

💯 Greater and authentic ENGAGEMENT is the way forwards in 2023

💯 Content = less is more! BUT.. make it good quality

So, a shift towards more time spent on being social with emphasis on better defined and useful content.

Social media engagement is not just about connecting with your audience, it's also about discovering and expressing your own persona. By actively engaging with your audience, you can gain valuable insights into what resonates with them and what they find valuable. This can help you refine and develop your own personal brand or message. Additionally, engaging with your audience can help you explore different facets of your personality and consider new ideas and different perspectives, naturally developing your own identity.

Ultimately, social media engagement is a two-way interaction.. as communication is away from the digital scene where we make connections throughout the day.

Keep healthy communication at the forefront of your daily life and create more dynamic and engaging online social media chat.

I tend to use Instagram for more visual posts and LinkedIn for written/thought pieces. If you'd like to be notified when my upcoming posts go live on LinkedIn, you can select the 🔔 on my profile >> Laura Marks

NB. I'm always happy to be challenged but I will not tolerate unpleasantness. If you are leaving a comment be kind, be honest and be respectful. Just saying ;)

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2 comentários

30 de jul. de 2023

Really helpful!


10 de abr. de 2023

Thanks, this is a helpful read. It takes so long preparing content that I often forget to like and comment on other posts

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