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GUEST BLOG: Courageous Steps to Being Visible on Social Media

This month's guest blog is written by Sarah Wilson, an Internationally Accredited NLP Practitioner and Director of Coastal Coaching (Sussex) Limited

7 Common Fears Around Social Media Visibility.

Starting a business is a super exciting time and there is so much opportunity and possibility in front of you. You have worked out what your Zone of Genius is – what you are fabulous at that you can offer as a business. And now, you are ready to offer your services/products.

But then there are other elements to consider; numerous things that might not be in your Zone of Genius e.g. bookkeeping, website building and being visible.

I’ve intermittently felt a level of angst and, although I don’t feel I have nailed every area of social media yet, one thing I have learnt is getting comfortable with being visible.

When thinking about being visible on Social Media, I previously worried:

· It doesn’t look “perfect” and polished

· What time I went live – if it was later in the day I’d tend not to as my makeup would need redoing

· I’d mess up my words on a live video

· People would judge me – “who does she think she is?”

· People wouldn’t feel they wanted to work with me from a post

· About the number of likes and comments on all my posts

· I don’t know what I’m doing!

Recognising any of these?

1. Perfectionism

Perfect doesn’t exist and you can waste so much time trying to accomplish something seemingly perfect, only to keep finding things to change/criticise. I call this “procrasta-faffing”.

2. Appearance on Lives

People would rather hear from you in a moment of passion and excitement than wait for you to have a full face of makeup. If you show up and have the right energy, the rest aligns. People can aspire to being real, more than perfect.

3. Smooth talkin’

Honestly? I do mess up my words. I’m perimenopausal and words disappear from my mind frequently! So, I just incorporate any fluffs because it’s me being real. It adds a moment of humour too.

4. Judgement

If anyone judges me for what I do or what I say, it’s none of my business. It’s their thoughts and their feelings. If someone mistakes your intention or only has negative things to say they are simply not your person. I don’t expect everyone to like me. The people whose opinions I care about are people I love, trust and are aligned with. Nobody else matters.

5. Getting Clients

One post might get you a client if it really speaks to them but, when you are posting regularly, you just have the opportunity to create consistency, place yourself in people’s thoughts and sow a seed in their unconscious mind. A recent study suggested a potential client needs to see you 16 times before someone buys. So keep going! You’ll also have the options to draw them further into your world by offering a free resource to get their email address, or inviting them into your Facebook group, if you have one. From there, you can nurture the relationship with them.

6. Analytics

It’s easy to get disheartened if your post doesn’t get lots and lots of likes, follows and shares but, in my experience, I’ve had clients start with me who say they have been following me for a while. You’ll have some “lurkers” who might never engage with a post.

7. Social Media Knowledge

Do the best you can with the resources you have and learning as you go is absolutely fine. I’ve learnt so much doing my own social media but, as your business expands, if it’s not your Zone of Genius, you can outsource it to someone else. Done is better than perfect. I look back at early posts and see how much has changed.

Sarah Wilson is a Leadership Coach, Internationally Accredited NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy™ Coach and Hypnotherapy Coach. She is the Director of Coastal Coaching (Sussex) Limited and works with corporate companies as well as personal clients carrying out one to one or group coaching, masterclasses and guest speaking. She also runs an invitation-only membership – “The Fem-Powered Success Lounge”

If you would like to write a guest blog, please email with your suggestions! Look forward to reading :)

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